Uncommonly Effective
Empty Hands Called Dumpag

Imagine Movement Good Enough To Beat A Seasoned Boxer. A Base Good Enough To Stop A World Class Wrestler And A Ground Game That Literally Destroys Even The Best BJJ Practi-cioners. That Is Dumpag.
Unique Whipping Strikes That Deliver The Most Power To The Weakest Areas Of The Human Body Practiced Against Both Single & Multiple Attackers
A Different Kind Of Grappling That Destroys Even Solid Wresters By Executing Unique Mus-cle/Tendon & Limb Destructions With Effective Counters Into Compression Strikes & Finishers.
Dumpag Is Not For Sport, It Is A True Battefield Art That Is Taught To US Special Forces And Other Elite Military Units Around The World.

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