Instinct, Technique
& Conditioning

If training in these things are of interest to you for the protection of your life and the lives of your family members, then come learn with Mandala Sachetti.
Working with the Short Sword you will develop a far greater dexterity, speed and reaction time than start-ing with Empty Hands alone.
These unique drills develop your muscles and ten-dons at a “Repetative Velocity” where they are con-stantly reaching extremes to then retract to extend out again.This creates what we call Elastic Power
You will also gain a Fluid Movement in both your Body Core & Footowrk with an increased sense of Range and Timing.
This will make it very hard not only for armed attack-ers to slash or thrust you but also for empty handed attackers to strike, grab, clinch or shoot on you from all levels while you in turn can attack with Speed, Timing, Precision, Accuracy & Power.

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