Real Life Knife

Talk to anyone who has been stabbed or slashed and they will ALL tell you the same thing: “I never saw the knife??” DO NOT BE THAT GUY!! You must be ready BEFORE you face someone with a knife.
Once the blade is drawn and coming at you, it is like nothing else!! Don’t be like those idiots that say “Oh I’ll just use my gun”, Yeah?
Do you carry it ALL the time? Do you practice to draw and fire it against someone GOOD who is coming at you FULL SPEED with a knife?
What you need are Proper, Effective Blade Techniques that you can do instinctively with your Empty Hands as well as with Weapons.
These Instincts alone are what will save your life. Because when the Blade is coming at you if you move wrong, YOU DIE. There are things you can do, but you must be taught properly and you must practice them.

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